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Sterile surgical latex gloves, steriled by E.O gas


Găng tay phẫu thuậtgloves
MaterialNatural high grade latex
Powder content≤10 mg/dm2
Protein levelAqueous extractable protein : ≤ 200µg/g/glove
ColourNatural latex colour
Design and featuresHand shaped curves, distinguishing left hand and right hand, beaded cuff.
Packing1 pair/bag, 50 bags/box, 4 box/carton
Physical dimensionsSize

Palm Width (mm)

Length (mm)

6.077 ± 5280 ± 5
6.583 ± 5280 ± 5
7.089 ± 5280 ± 5
7.595 ± 5280 ± 5
8.0102 ± 6280 ± 5
Thickness0.10 mm
Physical properties Before AgingAfter Aging
Tensile Strength (Mpa)21


Elongation at break(%)700550

Weighting (gam)

Tolerance: ± 0.3gr


6.07.0 ± 0.3gr
6.58.0 ± 0.3gr
7.09.0 ± 0.3gr
7.510 ± 0.3gr
8.011 ± 0.3gr
Functional benefit

– Sterile surgical latex gloves used during the examination, treatment diagnosis and surgical operation to protect against disease transmission between patients and the use of surgical gloves.

– Distinguishing left and right hand, softness provides superior comfort and natural fit. Fit more comfortably, reduced hand fatigue & respiration.

– Smooth surface feels natural, comfortable and easier to operate. Also Beaded cuff makes easy donning and guards against tearing.

– Powder content is in the permitted level – cause itching and skin inflammation when using.

– Protein and the chemicals level in gloves are lowest to minimize skin allergies for users.


Quality standard

ASTM D3578 (05), AQL standards

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